Garage Door Installation Service Hialeah Gardens FLBack in the day… way back in the day, most residential garage doors were heavy, one piece wooden doors that opened with a handle which was located down at the bottom of the door. When you closed it, you were hopefully tall enough to reach a rope to pull it down or you had to find someone who was tall enough to grab them.

Automatic garage door openers… who needed them? Those were for the weak and pampered! It turned out that everyone did, and battery manufacturers were overjoyed to say the least!

These were super expensive when they first came out, but as time progressed, the prices came down and they were made much more accessible to the general public. Most garage doors back then were chain driven, but as time went on, other types of openers were created to provide for a much smoother, quieter operation.

Remember the days where you were afraid that you might lose your garage door opener? It wasn’t that long ago, was it?  Not only that, was also the fear that the automatic garage door opener could open other garage doors in your neighborhood based on the manufacturer!  People with less than honorable motives could go around a neighborhood, trying all the garage doors for door that matched their remote frequency, and then they could go for broke, stealing everything in your garage and more!

Now you don’t need a separate remote control garage door opener!  With the advent of the smartphone, most manufacturers have developed apps where you can create a unique identifier code for your own personal use, but also provide guest access for others to access your garage, as well as manage various garage doors from various locations!

Now if you could only get your grandmother to use her smartphone…